VAT Recovery

VAT Recovery

European Legislation provides for the refund of VAT to International Transport Companies and Merchandise Carriers that incur expenses abroad. As they have the right to recover their VAT abroad, ForBIZ and its strategic partner make available their Know-How for this purpose.

As the administrative procedures are heavy and time-consuming, and in a language that often differs from yours, we take all steps.

  • Normal VAT Recovery service
  • Fast VAT Recovery service


Extensive offer in Tolls and Road Tunnels, with coverage in 18 European countries. All major routes are covered, with discounts that can reach 50% on most services. We have specific devices for a card or vehicle, to offer you a greater degree of security and control under the driver's expenses.

Our main toll services include: the ESSO card for toll payment in France, the EDC device that allows toll to be paid in France, Belgium (Liefkensheok tunnel) and Portugal. We also offer payment solutions for the German MAUT, Italian Tolls and the Mont Blanc and Frejus Tunnels:

  • Discounts or reductions up to 50%
  • Time savings when using exclusive Express Bands
  • Specific solutions for the vehicle
  • Invoice detail
  • Single contract