Driving License by Points

20 Jun, 2016 11:01


From 1st June 2016 comes into force the new Driving License System by Points.

Driving License by Points:

Most European Union countries have the Driving License System by Points or similar system. For example: Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Malta, Poland, Austria and Denmark.

With the Driving License System by Points it is intended to increase the degree of perception and accountability of drivers, in view of their behavior, adopting a more transparent and easy to understand sanction system.

In this sense, the Portal for Administrative Disputes was created, which allows for the rapid, effective and transparent consultation of anti-judicial proceedings. Access to the Infractions Register will also be available on the same portal, when you can access here

Driving License System by Points

• The current Road Code includes an approximate system of points map, although quite mitigated.

Under the current regime, the cancellation of the license occurs when the driver has committed, within a period of 5 years, 3 very serious misconduct or 5 serious or very serious misconduct.

• The present Law Proposal thus promotes an update of the current regime, accompanying most European countries, where the point card system is fully established and stabilized.

• The points letter is one of the key actions of the National Road Safety Strategy, as part of Operational Objective 4, approved by Council of Ministers Resolution No. 54/2009, of May 14.

•  The advisory group of the National Strategy for Road Safety, composed of about 50 civil society entities, was heard.

• Other entities were heard in the course of the legislative process.

PPL Driving License by Points

Absence of amnesty or retroactivity

  • The Driving License by Points is applicable to road violations committed after the entry into force of the Law.
  • Violations committed at an earlier date continue to be punished under current law.
  • The Proposed Law provides for the entry into force of the Driving License System by Points on June 1, 2016.


The driver is assigned 12 points.

The driver loses points:

  • Serious Counter-orders - 2 points
  • Very Serious Offenses - 4 points

Alcohol and psychotropic substances

Driving under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances has its own regime:

  • Severe Counter-Ordination - 3 points
  • Very Serious Offense - 5 points

Justification: About 1/3 of road fatalities (drivers) in road accidents have a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit.

Criminal Proceedings

The road crimes are also relevant for the regime of the cassation of the letter, in the following terms:

The conviction in an accessory non-driving sentence and the filing of the investigation, pursuant to article 282 (3) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, when there has been compliance with the injunction referred to in article 281, paragraph 3 Of the Code of Criminal Procedure, determine the subtraction of 6 (six) points to the driver.

Subtraction of Points - Consequences

The subtraction of points to the driver has the following consequences:

  • When you have only 4 points the driver must attend road safety training
  • When you have only 2 points the driver has to take theoretical test of the driving test
  • When you lose all points, the title of driving license shall be revoked

Driving License Cassation

Maximum limit on points reduction:

• The subtraction of points, due to counter-orders practiced in accumulation, can not exceed 6 points.

Exception: where there is a conviction for misconduct concerning driving under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances. In these cases, the subtraction of points is verified in any circumstance.

Point Recovery

  • At the end of each three-year period, there is no record of serious or very serious misconduct or crimes of a road nature in the infraction register, 3 points are awarded
  • Professional drivers recover points after two years
  • It is allowed that drivers can recover points up to a maximum of 15 points (3 more than the initial 12)

Points Recovery

The regimen of recovery of points:

  • Commends good behavior
  • Penalizes repeat offenders
  • Distinguishes professional drivers